You can support our mission by donating to the various needs we have as a hospital.

Equipment support

We need to procure more wheelchairs for the handling of patients who have suffered injury and are unable to walk on their own.

Purchase a modern ambulance to replace the old one that has been in service for many years and acquired wear due to rough terrain it operates from.

Needy patients’ fund

Our motto “Whosoever cometh unto me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:37b ensures we cater to patients despite their economic status.

We focus on treating the patient first and because of the high poverty levels of the community we serve the hospital has witnessed a huge number of unpaid bills running into millions of shillings.

For a facility that wholly relies on patients for its sustainability, it creates a gap in the procurement of medicine and other consumables that are essential to the care we provide.

By contributing to this fund you enable us to keep our doors open and help care for those who need it the most

Needy children’s education fund

We have several orphaned children in our community and a majority who have been affected by HIV/AIDS scourge. Your financial and material support will go a long way in ensuring that these children have access to not only primary education but that they go to secondary school excel and acquire tertiary education to ensure that they are self-reliant adults who can contribute to the community.

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